Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hydraulic Disc Brake Calipers with a true performance rating. The new standard in trailer braking.






AL-KO Calipers have a stopping capacity of 1600kg on 14" wheels.  They are tested to 200,000 cycles under AL-KO's strict quality control procedures.  This superior, proven performance ensures maximum braking effectiveness, safety and peace of mind.



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  • Do you need to incorporate a Mechanical Handbrake on your trailer?
  • Do you own an imported USA boat trailer with electric drum brakes fitted to it?
  • Have they rusted up and are no longer working? 
  • Do you want to fit Hydraulic Disc Brakes to replace them?
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Check this link to see what the legal requirements are.
The new LTSA rule changes for TC Trailers (over 3.5t) require that you have the following;

1.      A foot operated brake for the trailer.

a.       For trailers with electric drum brakes, this can be achieved by installing our Sens a Brake Controller Unit P/N 35001 listed in the table below. These are supplied for Manual (P/N 35001M or Automatic P/N 35001A) vehicles (the brake pads are different sizes).


2.      A Handbrake operated from the cabin of the towing vehicle.

a.       This can be achieved by installing a switch that will apply the brakes on the trailer for 15 minutes (as per the Breakaway Brakes) whilst you leave the cab and apply the handbrake on the trailer.

 i.      This allows the trailers with wind on handbrakes to comply with the new rules.

b.      If your trailer has electric brakes, but does not yet have a hand brake fitted. This can be fixed by fitting a pair of new 12” AL-KO electric brake backing plates c/w handbrake (P/N 331302), to the front axle only. You would also need to fit a 400mm handbrake lever (P/N 619100) to the kerbside of your trailer and steel cables (P/N 323030) back onto the front axle.


Mechanical Disc Brakes

AL-KO Mechanical Disc Brakes are
specifically designed for boat trailers.

Brakes on boat trailers have to work in the

toughest environment - regularly dunked

in the corrosive sea water.  That is why the

AL-KO brake caliper is hot dip galvanized

with stainless steel sliding bushes and

adjusting bolts.  So it's corrosion resistant

and practically maintenance free.