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Landing Leg

The AL-KO Landing Leg is the latest additionLanding Leg

to AL-KO's extensive range of quality trailer components. 

Ideal for stabilising plant trailers, camper trailers, 5 wheeler caravans and agricultural  equipment, the AL-KO Landing Leg is a necessary inclusion to the toolkit of the

commercial contractor, farmer and camping enthusiast alike.  All bases are covered with

the AL-KO range of Landing Legs, with static loads ranging from 1,300 to 4,500 kg.


Corner Steadies

AL-KO International manufactures a range of corner steadies that set the standards for this type of product. Made from quality materials these well designed corner steadies ensure that the end user is able to stabilize the caravan or trailer with the minimum of effort.





 Note: Corner steadies are not designed to be used as a jack or as the means of lifting the trailer or caravan off the ground. They are designed to stabilize the trailer or caravan when stationary.

AL-KO was the first company to introduce the hexagon drive on the screw shaft of the corner steady, providing positive drive. Some innovative customers use a hexagon socket and an electric screw driver to quickly and effortlessly raise and lower the steady.

The unique AL-KO plastic end knob and plastic grip make the use of the winding handle simple and comfortable.

All AL-KO corner steadies have been tested and meet the requirements of the Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Association of Australia, the Australian controlling body for caravan manufacturing standards.

Steadies are available in conventional wind down style and also in “drop down” style, where the steady can be swung from the horizontal travelling position to different angles including the optimum position of vertical. The “drop down” corner steady requires only a small amount of winding to steady the caravan. The top of the range corner steady is the German designed 1000 kg heavy duty steady which is the ultimate in strength and style.

Most AL-KO corner steadies are suitable to be fitted with the AL-KO Big Foot ™.

The AL-KO Big Foot™ is also able to be fitted as an aftermarket product to most caravans/trailers on the Australian Market. This unique product provides the corner steady with a flat load bearing surface, ideal for soft ground. No more carrying around pieces of wood to put under the corner steady on soft ground!

CS 1








Part No Description Surface Finish Length
654500G Hex Drive - Front - bolt on Galvanised 500mm
654701G Hex Drive - Front - bolt on Galvanised 700mm
Premium Drop-Down Corner Steady

The Premium Drop-Down CornerDrop Down Corner Steady

Steady is the latest addition to

AL-KO's extensive range of

caravan and trailer accessories.

Its multi positioning, double locking pin swivel design and positive direct gear drive ensure that this is one of the most versatile corner steadies available.  It also comes with its own mounting bracket that can be welded to the chassis.  As standard it is fitted with the AL-KO Big Foot™ for extra

stability and safety.

Please note; these are not rated to lift caravans - support only.

Part No Description Surface Finish Length
654859 Premium Drop Down with Big Foot fitted Zinc Plated 590mm
654874 Premium D rop Down with Big Foot fitted Zinc Plated 740mm

Corner Steady Handles


Part No Description Surface Finish Length
654700 Hex Drive Handle Zinc plated 800mm
654702 Hex Drive Off Road Handle Zinc plated 1150mm
654845 Hex Drive suit Drop Down Steady Zinc Plated 450mm








AL-KO Big Foot

The AL-KO Big Foot™Big Foot

is a corner steady

accessory designed

to add extra stability

to caravans on any

surface.  The AL-KO

Big Foot™ is able to

be fitted as an aftermarket product to most caravans or camper trailers on the Australian

market and remains a permanent

attachment to the corner steady.


CS 2

Part No Description Surface Finish Length
655410 Hex Drive"European Style"  Galvanised 1000kg capacity Galv Plated 500mm
Screw Support bracket for 655410 European Steady
Nut - Replacement nut for the screw thread
Black Steel